Saturday, March 29, 2014

Young Art

We made an awesome discovery on our most recent trip to the mall…Young Art.  These people do drop-in art lessons for the kids.  Their customer service was awesome and they completely drew the kids in.  Bonus: Tom and I got a few minutes to do some of our own shopping while the kids had a blast and learned some techniques.  When we came to get them, the kids all said they wanted to come back again and were even going to save their allowance to do so.  The best part was that when we got home, the kids didn't whine to watch TV.  Instead, they took out the box of long forgotten crayons and started to work on their own projects while we talked around the dining table.  Awesome!  Portland area folks, I highly recommend Young Art at the Washington Square Mall.

Christa's Sunset

Emma's Gecko

Cole's Space