Saturday, February 8, 2014

8 Year Old's Poetry

Recently, EJ has become obsessed with Phantom of the Opera.  She has a voice that can hit those notes too!  After watching a recording of the play about 3 times, she asked me to take dictation while she sang her own song.  She was expecting me to get down the lyrics word for word and write the music as well.  I really wish I could do that because her song was amazing.  Even though it in no way captures it, here are the lyrics that I was able to record:

Sing a song for me
Just as the stars go up
and I'll be with you no matter what.

Soon you'll be my song
All these years I've been dreaming for you

Just as the river flows
you have been sad
I'll be with you as long as you need
You are the one who I love

Sing a song as butterflies fly along
Don't be shy, I'll sing with you

The wind blows and you will shine
You will be with me
I will be with you
Nothing will matter

No matter what I'll stay with you
Just let me sing with you
For who you are, I love.

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