Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas Stockings

One of the wonderful things about growing up in my home was that my mom made beautiful handmade decorations.  Each of our Christmas stockings were cross-stitched and personalized.  Mom was always doing about 10 things at once, and I think she felt guilty if there was any down-time.  So, while watching TV, chatting with friends, and sitting in church, my mom had her bag of handwork and kept going at it.  Unfortunately, though my mom taught me many things, I don't have the patience for that kind of work…at least to the extent that she does.

My Childhood Stocking
When I got married this year, I wanted to give my step-kids the type of homemade love my mom gave us, but I didn't have a year to make each stocking, so I found this amazing tutorial and made my own version of family stockings.  Not as personal, but they looked good, and the kids loved them.

Our Family's Christmas Stockings
Each stocking uses 1 fat quarter for the stocking and 1/2 a fat quarter for the cuff.  I found a coordinated bundle so that we could all match, but be different, then got a couple of yards of the blue for the cuffs and linings.  One more fat quarter and some heat-n-bond for the letters and that was it.  Perfect one-day project.  Step-by-step instructions and pattern are from

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